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our story

In the fertile floodplains of the MacIntyre valley lays the beautiful- Momera lagoon. An ancient waterway snaking its way through cotton fields and cattle country. The mix of geometric lines and natural curves are sight to behold. They bring up emotions from within us- what it means to be human- technological progress coexisting with the natural world in harmony.

At Momera this natural beauty drives and inspires us with verve, to deliver natural fibres with the utmost importance on sustainability, function, style and grace.

Our values

We value authenticity, creativity and connection to each other. We hope to showcase our beautiful region.

Our Inspiration

The modern Australian woman is tough, yet sensitive, savy but sometimes impulsive, and has a yearning to understand where all of her products come from and the providence of the things she spends her hard earned money on.


At MOMERA we want to share the good news stories that are happening with the Agricultural and textile industries. We believe that industry practice is the best in the world and that our farmers and creatives are some of the most conscious people on the planet. However, we do not want to rest on our laurels, therefore we are committed to ensuring that we get better every year with managing our resources.

Our clothing is designed and crafted to do more than be worn – it’s made to stand the test of time. We recognise that there’s a long way to go before our ambitions become reality, but our search for ways to improve is just as tireless as our approach. We’re learning, we’re adapting, we’re pushing forward – and we hope we’re encouraging others on the way.

Meet the founder

Amelia Genevieve was born and raised in Sydney. After living overseas and travelling Australia she followed her heart to the rural town of Goondiwindi. She now lives on a cotton farm with her partner Sam and their dogs Stella, Napa & Binnie.

Inspired by her travels and with her admiration for fashion, style and sourcing quality brands, she founded the MOMERA boutique in 2022.